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Homeschooling Resources

The best place to start is knowing your state's homeschool education laws.
HSLDA is a non-profit advocacy organization that makes homeschooling possible by protecting homeschooling families and equipping them to provide the best educational experience for their children. 

TipIf you are on Facebook, search for groups in your area and connect with local homeschooling families! They will be some of the best support and local resources you will find! 

A co-op can encompass a variety of learning options. A homeschooling cooperative is made up of several families who meet regularly and work together toward similar goals, which can be based on socialization, education, activities, or any combination of these.

A mother's and children homeschooling community with the desire to give our children a quality education but also to preserve the adventure, freedom and wonder of childhood. W+F offers curriculum, resources and has groups all over to gather like mined families.


I highly recommend this book!!

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