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Hello, World! It's me, Anastasia!

I am excited about sharing my thoughts, ideas, passions, recipes, stories and research with the mommy and parenting community.

I am a mother and a wife, who is driven to explore a healthier way of life for my family and anyone wanting the same. With a culinary and nutritional background, I'm always in pursuit of the perfect recipe, meal plan and supplements, as well as natural products, safer environment and a more holistic lifestyle to keep us at our best.

I am a certified maternity (pre and post natal) nutrition and wellness coach and advocate. Many women trying to conceive and pregnant women are not provided with the support they need to know how to best care for themselves as well as their baby.. We miss out on nutritional and major wellness information from our doctors. We are not always presented with options about birth plans. Or even have a plan and do not have the support from our peers.

My goals are to help bridge those gaps. I work with mothers in addition to their healthcare provider. I want to provide my mothers with support, knowledge, and the confidence of ability to maintain a healthy lifestyle they are proud of that works for them. Every women is different. As a coach, I am here to focus on you as an individual, your wants and needs. As an advocate, I voice what I learn, what I find works for my family, share from others, or just put out into the world something we all need to find for ourselves. Stay tuned for the journey to a healthier balanced life style... -It Takes A Village- --Anastasia--

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