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Immune Boosting - Healthy Hot Cocoa

Updated: Sep 10

Tis the season! Did you know that cocoa has magical healing powers? Cocoa has about 500 chemicals! Some of which are why we find such comfort in it. Not all cocoa is created equal, cocoa or chocolate closest to 100% as possible is best. Cocoa has many nutritional benefits. Some of these nutritional powers, like antioxidants and theobromine, help boost your immune system and fight cold and flu symptoms. Oat milk is a great alternative to dairy milk. Oat milk is rich and flavorful while not contributing to the allergens dairy milk causes. Dairy also tends to add to congestion! Oat milk has a high vitamin composition, helping to strengthen your immune system! Honey is a deliciously sweet, natural alternative to processed sugar. It can help suppress coughing, soothes a sore throat, soothes stomach aches, and help aid sleeping. Honey has TONS of other amazing health benefits that I urge you to look into. When choosing honey, buy high quality and if possible, local. (Processed sugar HURTS your immune system.—it is found in children’s vitamin supplements and medications, so double check that.) Also, DO NOT give honey to children under the age of one. Mushrooms are another one of those amazingly, nutrient packed, magical plants. Mushrooms have antiviral and antibacterial properties which help boost our immune systems! They contain energy boosting vitamin B, helps with depression, clears brain fog and fatigue, it is the only plant that offers vitamin D, and so, so much more! The powder does not change the delicious taste of whatever you put it in. I use it in hot cocoa, coffee, smoothies, oatmeal etc. I make this for my boys which is two to three servings. **Easy to tweak for taste preference.

Raw, Organic milk - 2 Cups Cocoa powder – 2 Tb Wildflower Honey - 1.5 TB or to taste. Mushroom Mix – 1 tsp or check per serving on packaging.

Heat, Wisk, Pour & Serve

Yummy adds! Optional: Cinnamon, Vanilla * This is also a good opportunity to add some other liquid vitamins and supplements like silica, iodine, etc. *I have one child who does not like dairy milk so we use organic oat milk. *Choose organic when possible & ENJOY!

Health & Happiness -Anastasia

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