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My Birth Plan

Updated: Sep 10

The birth of your baby is the most amazing experience of your life. Being prepared and informed leading up to, during and after the experience is very important. A birth plan is a 1-2 page statement of an expectant mother's preferences for her labor and birth experience. Copies of a birth plan can be added to an expectant mother's medical records and brought to the hospital or birth center. I am going to share with you the up to date birth plan I have put together for my current pregnancy. I have had many requests over time to share my birth binder information and I am happy to share for those who are interested. This is my third birth plan and I want to share it because I know the importance of advocating for yourself and your baby. My second birth plan, just like this one, was taken very well from my OB and nursing staff. It made for a better and amazing experience. My birth goals may differ from yours and that is ok. Many of us are at different stages or have different needs and concerns. I myself, am a high risk patient because of a corneal ectopic surgery several years ago. I am at risk of a uterine rupture so I will birth my next baby via planned gentle cesarean. This information can be tweaked to fit a natural birth or other birth options. I do believe that going the most natural rout is the best option if you can. If I could have a home birth, with a midwife and doula, I totally would. If you plan on a natural birth, contact a doula or midwife for the wealth of knowledge and options they can provide to you as well. The reason why I take my birth plan so seriously is because I, like many, many other women, had a terrible experience during the birth of a child and also learned a lot over the years and now know better. You may think I have gone overboard but the root of this is driven from my own experiences and will avoid them happening again. My first birth plan was a very average one and was discarded right in front on my face. A very, VERY long story short, they put me on pitocin without explaining anything to me about it. I blacked out in pain. Received an epidural, pushed 5 times and my first son was born. My body reacted very badly to the pitocin and epidural. I only learned of the side effects years after my son was born. The more I researched, the more everything that happened postpartum made sense to me. My postpartum eclampsia and postpartum anxiety, as well as my son's extended stay in the NICU, forced formula over prioritizing breastfeeding, and other practices causing long-term issues. The list goes on but I will spare you my first birth story. I decided to create a Birth Binder for the birth of my second child. I have to stress that along with a solid birth plan, it is important to have your advocate at your side, such as your partner or doula. It is also very important and helpful to have an OB or midwife you like, trust and feel comfortable with. Unfortunately, for many hospital births, we give birth with whoever is staffed that day, leaving little to no knowledge of the doctor or nurses. This is where the birth plan comes in extra handy as an additional and legal advocate for you and baby. One plus side to having a planned cesarean, I searched for and found an OB I actually Love. Things to think about: -Informed Consent -Research Everything -As women, our bodies were made to give birth. Birth trauma and PTSD are not normal. -Advocate, Advocate, ADVOCATE for you and your baby -Prepare and notarize a Living Will and Last Will and Testament - It is never too late to change your physician or practice -Your doctors, nurses, midwife, doula, etc. WORK FOR YOU -Speak UP. Ask Questions. -Trust your gut! Things to research:

-Vernix -Delayed Cord Clamping -Delayed Bathing -Breastfeeding -Circumcision -Epidurals -Vitamin K for birth -Eye ointment -Postpartum Care -Chiropractic care -Ultrasounds -Gentle C-Section -Induction -Pitocin -Vaginal exams -Artificial rupture of membrane -Informed Consent -Lotus Birth - Health of placenta

-Pre and postnatal nutrition -Home Birth vs. Hospital Birth

-Midwives & Doula Support -Vaccines -VEARS & VICP I print out many informative articles and studies to add to my binder to help support my goals.

Ask your physician for: - A list of ingredients in medications that will or may be used on you during your stay - Paper copy of your Consent to Treat forms prior to your due date. Read over and correct/address anything you do not agree with I am sure I am missing some key points and will update this post when possible.

Birth Binder Contents

My Cesarean Goals, Birth Plan My Post Birth Focus & Directive Vaccine Refusal Form (not like the one in the pediatrician office) *editable, adapted from original form. Vaccine Refusal Reminder Poster Informed Consent Form for Refusal of Separation from Newborn Infant by Evidence Based Birth® If having a boy you should use the resources from Intact Care Poster Intact Care Agreement for Healthcare Providers and other free printables

If there are things you would like to contribute, please message me and I will update with your contribution and credit. After all, it takes a village.

* Any information provided here is not intended to replace the medical advice that you receive before, during, and after pregnancy. You should always seek the advice of your medical practitioner. Therefore, you should consult with your personal physician or other health-care professional if you have any healthcare related questions or before embarking on a new plan. If a medical problem appears or persists, do not disregard or delay seeking medical advice from your personal physician or other qualified healthcare provider. This information is here to offer you a wider range of options to research and discuss with your family and health care provider. *

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