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Want to know my favorite products and brands I use for myself and my family?

What sunscreens are safe for my kids? What deodorant do you use? What do you use for colds? What are your top baby must haves? What should I use on *fill in body part here*?
I get a lot of these types of questions every day. My mini blog will be addressing a lot of these questions but I have decided to make this information easily accessible to you! On this page you will find some of my favorite products and more. 

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Hero SIDS Monitor- I always worry about my babies at night, as most mothers do. Are they still breathing? I find this monitor helps me sleep at night. If it starts beeping I know to wake and check on my baby. It has gone of several times due to the baby rolling around so much it shimmied off his diaper but I say better be safe than sorry. 

Breast Pump Bra - someone had gifted this to me and thank goodness she did. It especially came in handy when out first was in the NICU for over a week. To this day it frees up my hands to do house work and computer work!

Dr. Bronner's Baby Soap- I use this on my kids as well as myself! I love it!

Charlie Banana Cloth Diapers- Cloth diapers are awesome. Contrary to popular belief, they are not hard or any grosser than disposables. They come with accesories like a toilet sprayer to spray #2 and biodegradable liners. They are a great upfront investment that saves money, healthier for babies, better for the environment and they are adorable! 

(Disposable Diapers- Seventh Generation and Andy Pandy)

Nose Frida- This is a great tool to such snot our of your conjested little one. It seems gross but there is a filter and there is no way you will get boogies in your mouth. This is much better than those bulb suckers. Fridababy has a whole baby care set!  

Coconut OilPut that stuff on everything. Cook with it, bath in it. As for babies,  I use coconut oil as a diaper cream, and if they get irritation from slobber or left over milk in their neck rolls. Coconut oil is a natural moisturizer and antibacterial. ALWAYS make sure whatever you use for the bum is separate from what you use on the rest of the body and what you cook with.

Water Wipes- Other than home made wipes which are awesome too, these are the cleanest wipes available! 


The Ergo Carrier and Hip Baby Wrap are my two favorite brands for baby wearing. I have tried a bunch of types of carriers, these two are awesome. 


Avancy Plate&Bowl Set, with training spoons - Clean and Natural set for toddlers!

SnuggleMeOrganic Co Sleeper